the sweat series

Join Coach Rhys and Crave Lifestyle for a sweat session with a difference. 

Exercise is about much more than hitting the gym or going for a run. It's something we can all enjoy, something that brings people together and something that can be so much fun. Learn how to train differently and experience exercise like never before with a signature Coach Rhys workout. 

It's all about FUNctional training. You'll sweat, you'll challenge yourself, you'll meet great people - and most of all, you'll laugh and have a great time doing it. 

Goodbye gym and hello HIIT with one of New Zealand's leading personal trainers. 

Together with Crave Lifestyle, Coach Rhys is going to be hitting the road so you can HIIT it with him.

Sessions are FREE FOR EVERYONE so come along and get involved. There's fun to be had and spot prizes to be one.  

Start living the healthy lifestyle that you crave. 


Highlights include

  • Sweat Session hosted by Coach Rhys from Crave Lifestyle
  • Free admission
  • Spot prizes to be won, filled with all sorts of health and wellness products and apparel
  • Meet new friends
  • Connect with health and wellness leaders

Next event


  • Saturday 5th August, 11:15am - 12:30pm
  • CrossFit Central Wellington, 298 Taranaki St, Mt Cook, Wellington
Have fun with exercise

Have fun with exercise

Move the body

Coach Rhys has worked his way to the top and has a endless list of grateful clients. Booked out weeks in advance for PT sessions, the best way to get your dose of Coach Rhys skill and inspiration is at The Sweat Series. 

Bring your partner or your friends, The Sweat Series is a fun way to get active, work up a sweat and have a great time doing it. 

Coach Rhys will create one of his signature workouts including bodyweight circuits, TRX training, HIIT circuits and more. Tailored to suit any fitness level, make sure you come and see what all the hype is about

Meet new friends

Meet new friends

Satisfy the soul

Workouts are about much more than getting sweaty to look a certain way. They're about having fun! Come along to learn ways that you can include extra activity into your daily life, and reap the benefits. 

Come alone or with friends, we guarantee by the end of the session you'll be out on a smoothie date with a new bunch of mates. 

Learn how to love exercise and movement again. Feel that buzz!

Be inspired and motivated

Be inspired and motivated


While the body rests we stimulate the mind with brief sessions on all things wellness. 

Lay the proper foundations for your holistic health journey and set yourself up for success. The Sweat Series will inspire you to make positive changes to your mindset, your goals, and your overall lifestyle.  

Coach Rhys will share his knowledge and experience to help you find the right method and inspiration for you. 

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