You sweat together, face challenges together and reach new goals together. Now it’s time to go beyond the walls of F45 Southbank to do all of that, plus more.

It’s time to adventure together, relax together, and create an even tighter bond. Get ready to explore the world, and the next level of wellness as a team.

Change may not happen overnight, but the decision to make a change happens in an instant. 

Are you ready to start living the lifestyle you crave? 

One of the jewels of the South Pacific, Rarotonga is an island paradise that offers days full of fun as well as ultimate relaxation. From the mountain peaks of the inner island to the spectacular, white sand beaches and the turquoise waters of the lagoon, Rarotonga provides the perfect location for your wellness retreat.


Spend your days nourishing your body, mind and soul with our activities to suit all tastes. From sweat sessions with Coach Rhys to stretch sessions and Pilates with Courtney, you'll be able to find the workout style that you love. Throughout the days we'll escape for local adventures, making the most of the tropical sun and welcoming culture. 


Relieve yourself of any stress from the moment you land, and make way for 6 days of relaxation, fun, and wellness. 



Retreats include

  • 5 nights accommodation (shared or individual) 
  • Welcome function
  • Private buffet breakfast daily for Crave guests
  • Dinner daily at resort and our favourite restaurants
  • Daily exercise sessions including HIIT, strength, recovery, Pilates, SUP, yoga, watersports and more games each day
  • Private yoga and SUP yoga
  • Village dinner and show
  • Relaxation and visualisation sessions
  • Educational sessions focused on goal setting and healthy habits
  • Aitutaki day trip (optional, but highly recommended) 


Optional extras

  • Aitutaki Lagoon Cruise and snorkeling adventure
  • Sea Scooter safaris through the lagoon, ocean or to swim with turtles
  • Night SUP adventure
  • Spa treatments  
  • Paintball team challenge
  • Quad bike and buggy tours
  • Markets tours
  • Private cultural tour
  • Mountain biking
  • Watersports
  • Much more!


Arorangi District, Rarotonga

Crave Raro whisks you back in time as we explore seemingly untouched white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

All prices are in NZD and are subject to availability at time of booking. 

Shared Suite (2 people, unless stated) 

  • Beachfront Suite: NZ$2,485
  • Garden Suite: NZ$2,399
  • Beachfront Villa (group of 6 must book together): NZ$2,399
  • Garden Villa (group of 6 must book together): NZ$2,310

Individual Suite

  • Beachfront Suite: NZ$3,030
  • Garden Suite: NZ$2,685
  • Own room in Beachfront Villa (group must book together): NZ$2,870
  • Own room in Garden Villa (group must book together): NZ$2,2,685

Optional Tour

  • Aitutaki Day Tour (highly recommended): $660pp
  • Plenty of other tours available on request. 


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What's holding you back?

From Panthers to paddleboards and balancing Bears with some beers, Crave Rarotonga lets you make the most all the hard work you put in each week. We'll sweat together, relax and find fun all over the island, helping you build an even stronger bond with your Bankers! 

Limited places available, don't miss your chance. 

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