Top 5 reasons why guests love Crave retreats

We're so lucky to have had the guests that we've had for our health and wellness retreats. People that we now call our friends. And it sounds like the feeling is mutual! 

Whether you're looking for a fitness retreat, wellness retreat, or some other form of health or active travel, Crave retreats provide the options for you to tailor make the perfect escape, just for you. Here's the top 5 reasons why our retreat guests keep coming back for more:

Ultimate relaxation
Think: tropical island, 5-star resort, day spas, casual beach vibes, sunshine, and 8 days to unwind and focus on what you really need. 

Having fun with likeminded people
Everyone has different goals, but everyone is there to enjoy themselves. Adventures and pampering by day, relaxing with great food and great company by night. It's no surprise that our guests have remained friends long after each retreat. 

New health and fitness options that motivate and inspire
Be inspired by leading trainers and experts. Whether it's learning Muay Thai from a master, feeling zen with local yogis, challenging your core with Pilates, having fun in group sessions or working one-on-one with one of New Zealand's top personal trainers, Coach Rhys, there are so many options to help you find what you love. And the choice is all yours. Every. Single. Day. 

Support and education
Learn ways to improve your health and wellness, and return home with tangible ways to continue towards your goals. Learn how to really enjoy your health and say hello to a happy and balanced lifestyle. Be supported by leaders and other guests. Be amazed by each others journeys and encouraged to move forward on yours. 

Escaping to paradise and returning to wellness
Some need to focus on fitness. Some need to focus on relaxation. And some just need to focus on unwinding and having some fun! That's the real beauty of Crave. We escape to paradise together, release any tension, and create the perfect chance for your body to experience what it has been craving. 


Make a decision that your future self will thank you for and join us for Crave Thailand, July 3-10. Book by Monday 5th June and you can save up to $150 for your retreat package.

Contact us today and let's get you feeling at your best again.