Long weekend? Time to get active

Long weekends are the perfect chance to escape the city and make the most of Summer while it’s still here with us. They are also an ideal time to mix up your exercise routine and challenge your body to something different.

Here’s a few of our favourite ways to stay active while making the most of everything that our beautiful country has to offer.


Paddle power

You’re a pro at beach walks and know the coastline like the back of your hand, right? Jump on a paddle board or kayak and see it from another perspective. Both activities are a great workout for your arms, back and core – and the paddleboard throws in the extra challenge of balance.

To stabilise yourself on the board you’ll need to engage your core and some of the smaller muscle groups effectively, which will help you feel the fire in muscles that sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve.

Before heading out make sure you let your friends know your plan, check the weather, and take the right safety precautions. Stay safe on the water


Explore on foot

Feel more comfortable of dry land? Waking and hiking is having a resurgence in popularity, and for good reason to!

People of all different fitness levels are able to get out and enjoy a hike. With so many great coastal or forest walks to choose from, pick something that suits the fitness levels of your group. Once you’ve tested your limits, challenge yourself to something a little further, a little harder or a little higher.

Hiking isn’t just great exercise, it’s also an opportunity to get out and explore nature, bod with friends, get some fresh air and take in the views.

Grab your shoes, your mates, some water and head out for an adventure. Don’t forget the scenic selfie – you might inspire someone else to get out and about as well.


Coach Rhys workout

If you’re wanting a real sweat up, look no further than a workout from our head trainer, Coach Rhys. This workout can be completed with little (or no) equipment other than your body and the great outdoors.


  • Warm up 

Jog on the spot with high knees for 1min and every 15 seconds drop down into a burpee
10 seconds rest
Repeat 5 times

  • Main workout 

4x 10 press ups
4x 1min plank
Run around the block or up and down the beach
4x 30sec each side Side planks  
4x 20 squat jumps
Run around the block or up and down the beach
4x 20 bench dips (use a park bench, a chair or ledge)
4x 20m bear crawl sprints
Run around the block or up and down the beach
4x 40 crunches
4x 40 lunge jumps
Run around the block or up and down the beach for a fun finish! 


Family fun – games day

Looking to get sweaty while exercising your competitive streak as well? Games day!

Get together with friends and before you know it you’ll be sweating off the snacks and laughing yourself through a core workout at the same time.

Start with some of these games and see where the day takes you:

  • Soccer or touch rugby: all you need is a ball and some ground to play on – doesn’t get much easier than that.
  • BYC: the Kiwi fave, back yard cricket. Requires a little more coordination, but still easy for people of all ages to get involved.
  • Ultimate Frisbee: play this on the beach for an extra leg burn!
  • Pool volleyball…or pool anything: the best of both worlds. Stay nice and cool while you challenge yourself with jumps, passes and blocks.


For us, getting our daily dose of activity always involves doing things that we enjoy. It never feels like a drag if you are having fun and can see the benefits. That's why we love including all of these activities on our retreats in Fiji and Thailand - plus more of course! 


So get out and about this weekend and have some active fun! Stay safe on the roads and in the water, and make the most of the extra day off if you get one.