Top 12 tips for healthy travel

Everyone loves a holiday. The excitement of researching your options. The rush of booking your tickets. The feeling of anticipation as you wait for your boarding call at the airport. The lead up to your actual holiday is almost too much to take!


You’ve been looking forward to the day for so long. So you want to make sure you arrive at your destination feeling great and ready to make the most of your escape.


If you’re anything like us you’ll love a tropical beach, adventure to a new location, and a good dose of relaxation. You probably also wish that some days you could teleport so that you didn’t have to deal with air travel!


But it’s all part of the adventure and, with a few of the tips below, it can become a breeze. Let Crave take the stress out of your next holiday.


Team Crave travel tips

Travel tip 1: Get insurance

Book your travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. That way, if anything unforeseen happens, they can usually help you to reschedule your holiday.


Travel tip 2: Hydration is key

Make sure you drink plenty of water the day before flying. The air conditioning on flights can dry out your skin and eyes. Staying hydrated can also help you get over jet-lag faster!


Travel tip 3: Carry on essentials

Put any of your medications in your carry on bag, that way if your luggage does happen to end up in a different location that you at least you’ll have what you need. Other carry on items to include: wet wipes and hand sanitizer, ear plugs or headphones, eye mask, spare pair of underwear, toothbrush and paste, moisturizer, eye drops if you wear contacts, something to read, phone charging cable, pen, and your own snacks.


Travel tip 4: Smart snacking

Taking your own snacks on your flight will keep you from over-doing it on the plane food. The in-flight options are generally packed with sodium which can leave you feeling bloated. Stick to your own fresh snacks, but make sure you don’t try and take any fresh or opened foods through customs!


Travel tip 5: Document copies

First things first, ensure your passport is valid for at least another six months from your time of travel. Many countries require this period as a minimum for them to allow you to enter on your travels. Secondly, make sure you have copies of all your important docs, and hide them in a safe place separate to the originals.


Travel tip 6: Stash your cash

Cash is king in many countries. It’s wise to have enough with you in case anything happens, but it’s also important to make sure that it is well hidden during your travels so that the cash and yourself are safe. If you do need to carry large amounts of cash for some reason, make sure you split it up into several hidden spots throughout your luggage/items.


Travel tip 7: Pack a sarong

Sounds odd to some, but a sarong is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can take with you on your travels. The humble sarong can transform into a scarf if cold; a shawl to cover your shoulders when entering a place of cultural significance; a towel if you forget yours; something to lie on at the beach…and so much more! Lightweight and versatile, this should be a staple!


Travel tip 8: Live like a local – at least for a while

Whether you sample the local cuisine or get completely off the beaten track and immersed in local life, experiencing the culture first-hand can often make your trip so much more enriching.


Travel tip 9: Back up your photos

The beauty of travel is that memories live on long after you’ve returned. Photos and notes are a crucial part of sharing your stories with friends and loved ones. Make sure you back up your photos as you travel, in case you lose your camera/phone. Don’t have a laptop with you? You can easily back up your photos to cloud storage, which will allow you to access them from anywhere when you need to.


Travel tip 10: Be patient and considerate

Travel can leave people feeling agitated, restless or stressed, but there’s no need. If you do happen to have a slight setback on your travel journey, take a moment to pause, do 5 deep breaths, and then refocus on the situation and what your options are. Airports in particular are filled with heightened emotions: people desperate to get to their friends and family at the other end of their journey; people filled with joy at the end of their holiday but sad to be saying goodbye; people that have never experienced the thrill of travelling before and are filled with nothing but nerves. It’s good to remember this, and be respectful of how others may be feeling too.


Travel tip 11: Look after your body

This one is easy on a Crave retreat! However, when travelling independently, some can fall into the trap of giving their body a little less attention than it deserves. There are plenty of ways to nourish your body while enjoying your holiday at the same time. Try delicious, healthy options each morning at the breakfast buffet. Get out and about for walks, runs or bodyweight workouts as a way to experience your surroundings and get some exercise at the same time. In warm locations it’s easy to get dehydrated so make sure you keep your water intake up – especially if you’re planning on celebrating the day with a bubbly or two at happy hour.

Find a balance between activity and rest. Studies show that active holidays can help you be more productive when you return to work, but it’s also important not to completely burn yourself out. We find the perfect balance and help you to feel your best.


Travel tip 12: Relax!

Afterall, it’s your holiday. Talk a walk along the beach, find a free yoga class, read your book beside the pool, go for a run through the village, meditate and daydream. Whatever it is that helps you to relax and release any tension, find time to make it a priority!


So with our bags packed, our itinerary in hand, and smiles on our faces, we’re off to the Land of Smiles. See you soon Thailand!