Life hack to help you make the most of any situation

A simple concept for the week ahead to help get you closer to where you want to be:
Replace a negative thought, with a positive action.

Little things can add up and make the world of difference. Here's a couple of ideas, just to get you started. Get ready to put on your positive pants! 

  • Struggling with body image? Forget the mirror for a while and remember all the powerful things your body can achieve. You are more than a reflection or someone else's perception.
  • Beating yourself up because you over-indulged at the weekend? Try not to stress. Make yourself a nourishing breakfast and know that you're back on track for the week ahead.
  • Dreading the work week? Why not head out early for a beautiful morning walk and take in some fresh air. Not only will you get some gentle exercise in but it'll help reduce stress levels and have you starting the week with a spring in your step.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with too much going on? Talk! Reach out to someone that you trust. We all have someone that is looking out for us, even if you don't realise it. Sometimes just getting it off your chest can be all you need to help you get back on track. The trick here is to not dwell on the negative for too long. Release the problems, then start focusing on the solution.

By no means is this little tip a cure for more serious issues, but its just a gentle way to help improve your days and help you to make the most of any situation.

Have you got tips that help you focus on whats important? We'd love for you to share them with us all.