12 week countdown to Crave Fiji: Week 3 – Downward dogs, mountain climbers and everything in between

Crave Fiji is getting closer by the day and we couldn’t be more excited! While our minds drift to day dreams filled with white sandy beaches, warm sun and cold champagne, daily life then snaps us back to reality and the countdown continues.


This week we are working on mind, body and soul with this full-body workout. Starting with downward dogs and finishing with mountain climbers, you will be feeling like you’re on top of the world by the time you’re done.


As usual we have created something that can be done at home, outside or in a gym – so there really are no excuses. We’ve included a walk or run option, but remember to challenge yourself with the run if you can – even if its intervals from one lamppost to the next.


Warm up 

  • 5min walk or jog 
  • 3x 5 downward dogs into press ups (start in the downward dog position then transfer your weight forward until you are in a press up position. Complete one press up and then transfer your weight back up into a downward dog. That’s one rep. Complete 5 of those for one set, and then complete 3 full sets)

Main workout 

  • 3x 20 Sumo squats 
  • 3x 20 jump lunges or lunges 
  • 3x 12 close-grip press ups (bring your hands close together and keep your elbows tracking along your body as you go down and back up)
  • 3x 30sec high fast knees 
  • 3x 1min plank 
  • 10min walk or run 
  • 3x 30 bicycle crunches 
  • 5min run 
  • 3x 12 hand walk outs into mountain climbers (start on your feet then crouch down and walk your hands out in front. When you’re out in the press up position, complete one mountain climber movement on each side. Walk your hands back in to your feet and stand up. That’s one rep. Complete 12 reps for one set, and then 3 full sets).

Cool down 

  • 5min slow walk or run 
  • 1 high five to the first person you see. 


We’re back to a full 5-day week now, which means even more opportunities to give this one a go before or after work one day. With only 3 weeks left until Crave Fiji, you’ll be strong enough to lunge the length of the beach in no time.