12 week countdown to Crave Fiji: Week 1 - The final countdown!

This is it, the final countdown! This time next week our guests will be joining us on the shores of Natadola Bay in Fiji for 5 nights of luxurious relaxation, totally new experiences, and the chance to have a whole lot of fun with a great bunch of people. 


As well as all of that, we will of course be doing some fun-focused workouts and activities.


While we will be enjoying this with a beautiful tropical island as our backdrop with the sun shining down, we don't want you to miss out either - so we've put together another workout that you can enjoy at home or anywhere that you may be travelling to! 


For this week’s workout, we are focusing on supersets. For these exercises you will move from one exercise into the next without taking a break for rest. For example, with 4x20 walking lunges into shoulder press, you will complete 20 walking lunges then straight into 20 shoulder press reps. That is one of your 4 sets. You will need to complete all 4 sets before moving on the the next exercise.


With the exercises below we haven’t suggested any weight amounts as it it different for everyone. Choose a weight that you are comfortable with and can lift safely. Challenge yourself and make your body work, but don’t risk injuring yourself or anyone else.


Warm up

  • Glute bridges - holding 30 seconds 
  • Prone supermans 
  • 5min jog 

Main workout 

  • 4x20 Walking lunges then into shoulder press 
  • 4x20 sumo squats then into bicep curls 
  • 4x1min planks 
  • 2km run (as fast as you can)
  • 4x10 Swissball press-ups then into Swissball pikes or knee tucks
  • 4x50 crunches 
  • 4x20 bench dips then into bench mountain climbers (feet on the bench for advanced, or hands on the bench for an easier option)
  • 2km run (as fast as you can)

Cool down

  • 5 min jog


This will surely have you in a good sweat when you’re done – we most definitely will be in Fiji! Luckily we will be able to jump straight in the beautiful warm ocean for a dip afterwards ;) can you tell we’re excited?! Just a little bit!


Make the most of your week ahead. We will do our best to share our workouts from Fiji so that you can join in as well.