12 week countdown to Crave Fiji: Week 7 – Change of season. Change of focus.

A lot of people find that with the change of season comes a drop in motivation. There is just something about it that throws a lot of us off balance. That’s a major benefit of Fiji – it always feels like summer! The warmer weather not only helps with our moods (and our suntan), but it is also has us working towards always feeling our best.


While we are still 7 weeks away from Crave Fiji, we want to make sure that you remain motivated to achieve your goals and stay on track, even though summer may have come to an end here in New Zealand.


When thinking about motivation, there are a few tried and tested methods to staying on track:

  • Find activities that you enjoy doing or that work with your lifestyle and you will be more likely to continue with them.

If you’re forcing yourself to run and you don’t enjoy it one bit, the struggle to commit to a run is only going to become harder as the mornings become darker and the days become shorter. Mix it up. Have you tried a spin class? Or a local bootcamp? The buzzing group atmosphere might be enough to make you love it, and you’ll be sweating your way to a happier day in no time. One of the main reasons we have so much variety in Fiji is so that we can help people to find what they love, and instill healthy habits in a way that suits them.

  • Grab a training buddy and work on your goals together.

You don’t have to do the same workout together, but just having someone that you have committed to will help you to be more accountable. No more hitting snooze and rolling over pretending that no one will notice – time to hit those goals! And what better way to achieve them than with a friend.

  • Review your goals that you set earlier in the year and update them if you need to.

Setting some new goals specifically for Autumn can be a great way to keep on track. Whether it is trying something new, or maintaining a certain number of workouts as the days get colder and short, or resetting your food focus as the new seasonal produce starts to come through.

  • Book in a goal or event to work towards, or something to treat yourself with.

We’re thinking a tropical getaway to Fiji for 5 nights of fun in the sun with a group of likeminded people. As much or as little exercise, pampering and activity as you want, and where one of the toughest decisions of the day is whether to lie by the pool or on the beach. But hey, that’s just us!


However, one crucial motivator that often gets forgotten, is the motivation of simply completing the task at hand. Instead of using physical rewards as motivation (which a lot of the time can end up being food or material possessions that have a limited lifespan or term of enjoyment, and can sometimes also be associated with guilt), why not try and focus on the completion of the task itself as motivation? A key success point for this though, is how we approach the task, and how we talk ourselves through it.


Often we are much harder on ourselves than we would be on our friends or loved ones. Treat the start of this new season as a time to check your internal dialogue and make the necessary adjustments for success.


Have you only ever managed to do press ups on you knees? What’s stopping you from completing a full press up instead – something physical or something mental? During your next workout, try and do one full press up on your feet. Just one. Notice that feeling of success when you realise that you can actually do it? That internal fist pump moment! Your body is a lot stronger than you realise. And so is your mind. Challenge it. Strengthen it.


When you have a little win, take time to notice the feeling of success and use that as motivation during each of your workouts. Not only will you improve your internal chatter (which will also improve your outlook in a positive way), but you will also find that your body has finally found that extra push that it was looking for.


This week we’ve pulled together a workout to help you go that little bit further and be able to say “I did it!”. It’s that extra coconut worth of weight for your set; that extra beach length added on to your run; or that extra 20s of holding a wall sit or balancing like you would need to be on a surfboard. Whatever it is, we want you to push that little bit further – safely of course!


During the workout below we want you to challenge your internal chatter and see what is really holding you back. Push yourself. Give it a go. And be motivated by YOUR success.


Warm Up

  • 5 minute walk

Main workout 

  • 3 x 1 minute planks (on your knees, or try and challenge yourself to complete these on your feet)
  • 3 x 20 standing mountain climbers (15s rest between the sets)
  • 5 minute run (keep your pace up and push yourself that little bit further)
  • 3 x 15 press ups (on your knees, or try and do them on your feet. Start with just one on your feet in you need to, and work your way up to all 15 on your feet)
  • 3 x 30 lunges (15s rest between sets)
  • 3 x 20 squats (15s rest between sets)
  • 5 minute run (keep your pace up and push yourself that little bit further, it's the last part of your workout so give it your all).

Cool down 

  • 5 minute walk (taking time to breathe, relax, and focus on how far you pushed yourself and all that you achieved today).