12 week countdown to Crave Fiji: Week 6 - Marching on

We are already mid-March and officially half way through our countdown to Crave Fiji. By now you have probably started to notice a difference in your health and fitness focus, your strength, and maybe even visually in the mirror or in the looseness of your clothes. All improvements, however big or small, are great improvements!


With only six weeks to go until the fun, sun and relaxation of Crave Fiji, we are stepping up the training and marching on ahead with a good leg workout. You will be feeling the burn in no time, while strengthening and toning your legs to help you glide on your beach walks in Fiji.


Our lower body contains some of our largest muscle groups, and training these muscles will not only have great benefits for your appearance but also for many other aspects of your health and fitness. Working on your lower body can help you to become more powerful and explosive; enhance your strength and stability and balance helping to reduce your risk of injury; increase your metabolism and help you to burn more calories; relieve pressure on your lower back by recruiting the correct muscles; and help you to increase your overall endurance during physical activity. 


Each of these exercises can be performed outside or in a gym environment. If you are confident with the exercise, try adding a bit of extra weight to give yourself a challenge, but not until you have the movement patterns of each exercise sorted. 

Warm up

  • 4 x 20 Walking lunges 
  • 4 x 20 squats 
  • 1km run

Main workout

  • 4 x 20 Lunge jumps (swapping legs mid-jump)
  • 4 x 20 squat jumps 
  • 5 minute run 
  • 4 x 20 Hip thrusters/glute raises 
  • 4 x 1 minute plank
  • 5 minute run
  • 4 x 12 (each leg) step ups (onto a park bench, a sturdy chair, or a bench at the gym. Complete all 12 on one leg before switching.) 
  • 4 x 20 Sumo squat jumps 
  • 5 minute run

Cool down

  • 4 x 40 bicycle crunches 
  • 4 x 20 single leg, leg lowers (working your core. Lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air. Lower one leg slowly down to the floor then raise it back up. Alternate legs.)


Make sure you stretch it out after that session, and take a nice walk tomorrow to help with your recovery. You can keep building on this workout by adding weight, resistance or increasing your reps. Join us in 6 weeks’ time and you might just find us doing some of these exercises on the white sandy shores of Natadola Bay. Lunging down the beach will surely have you feeling the booty burn, and you’ll be getting a sun tan at the same time.


There’s nothing like resting your feet at the end of the day, watching the sunset with new friends and good food, knowing that you have really earned it!


Your body is a luxury. Treat it like you would any other luxury item; with attention, dedication, and care. And then treat it to a luxury holiday to reap the benefits of your hard work.


Team Crave. 



  • Please consult a PT or your doctor before starting an exercise regime. These exercises will be performed at your own risk and we take no responsibility for any injuries that occur from performing these activities. Please be aware of your limits. Challenge is good (in the right environment), but excessive risk isn’t. Please contact us or seek assistance from a trained exercise professional if you would like any support on your fitness journey, or any help with the above exercises.