12 week countdown to Crave Fiji: Week 2 - Time to get moving

12 week countdown to Crave Fiji: Week 2 – Time to get moving


Last week we took the time to set ourselves up for success by setting some focused goals for the 12 weeks ahead. Hopefully thinking about your goals and your true motivation has started a fire in your belly and got you ready to launch into action – maybe you already have?


Goals are set. Head is in the game. Now it’s time to get your heart and body pumping. Healthy body and mind here we come! With 11 weeks until Crave Fiji, you will be strutting your stuff down that tropical white sandy beach feeling like a whole new you. Bliss!


Designed to increase your heart rate throughout the entire session, this workout incorporates all parts of your body to give you that extra boost. While it may be a bit of a challenge during the workout, make sure you keep a strong mindset and prove to yourself that you CAN do it. We know you can!


Not only will your whole body get a blast with the following exercises, but you will walk away feeling energetic, pumped and ready to high five anyone that you walk past for at least the next 10 minutes. Share the love we say, bring them on your healthy journey too.


Each exercise is completed in sets with a small rest in between before moving onto the next set. Once all sets of one exercise are complete you can move onto the next type of exercise. For example, complete 20 lunges then have a short rest, before doing another 20 lunges. Repeat until you have done 4 sets of 20 lunges. Once you have done your 4 sets, you can move on to ramp sprints.


Warm up

  • 4x20 lunges – stretch out your hip flexors while you are resting. These can get particularly tight if you are sitting in an office environment all day.  
  • 6x200m ramp sprints – not necessarily on a ramp! That just means that we start the sprint slow but build up to sprinting at full speed by the end of the 200m


Main Workout

  • 4x15 medball wall balls – hold the medicine ball at chest height, squatting down and then throwing the medball as high as you can against the wall as you push up from the squat. Note: don’t try catch the ball when its coming back down, they can be surprising heavy!
  • 4x15 burpees – Everyone loves (?) a burpee. Feeling extra fit? Try a burpee jump. Complete a classic burpee then jumping straight up onto a bench seat. Jump back down off the bench seat and back into your next burpee.  
  • 4x15 bent-over row into shoulder press – if you don’t have access to a gym, grab yourself a resistance band and take it on holiday with you wherever you go. A resistance band is a great alternative to use for these exercises as well as many others that we will be sharing with you over the next few weeks.
  • 6x200m sprints – full pace from the start, push yourself to see those results
  • 6x20m bear crawls – Bears are strong, and these crawls are a great way to challenge the whole body. Crawling on all fours, keeping the hips low and reach long.
  • 4x400m ramp sprints – just like the warm up, these ramp sprints will have you increasing your pace as you go.


Cool Down

  • 10-minute jog – Some people think that running isn’t for everyone, but we can all learn to enjoy it. By practicing our breathing rhythm throughout our run it can help to become quite a meditative experience. Soak up your surroundings and think about the great workout that you have just had!
  • 4x40 bicycle crunches to finish off and tone your core.

A challenging workout this week, but one that your body will thank you for. Make sure you reflect at the end of the workout and make some notes about how you found it. It can be very insightful to revisit a few weeks down the track when you are needing a bit more motivation, or to see just how far you have come.


Next week we will be bringing you some more workout tips, and also some nutritional tips to help make sure that you are refueling your new healthy body the best way possible. As always, if you have any questions please let us know, we are here to help in any way that we can.


It may be a short week this week, but we can still make the most of it and chase what we want from life.  


You’ve got this!

Team Crave