Why travelling solo can open your world

Gone are the days where you need to have a travel partner. Don’t get us wrong, travelling with a friend or loved one can some of the best adventures you can have. But if you don’t have that special someone to travel with, or you’re struggling to get away at the same time, don’t let hold you back from taking the trip you’ve been longing for. It could be a life changer.


Our retreats have a mix of guests. From husband and wife teams looking to make a change, groups of ladies trying to find an escape from the hustle of corporate or mum life, mother-daughter bonding trips, and bunches of blokes that are wanting a bit of adventure (all planned for them so they don’t have to worry about a thing, of course). But we also have a large number of guests that are solo travelers, who have shared their favourite advantages of joining a retreat alone.


Boost your confidence

For many of our solo guests, Crave was their first experience in travelling alone. Arriving in a new country, not really knowing what to expect over the next few days can be a daunting experience. But these situations are what helps us to grow. What previously looked like an obstacle soon becomes something you take in your stride.

You’re on holiday and you’re there to enjoy it. With the added feeling of relaxation thanks to being on a tropical island, you’ll find yourself letting down any barriers and getting to know other guests that you have a surprising amount in common with.


Becoming your true you

Ever felt like you had to keep up a certain level of appearances during your daily life? Whether its at work, home, or with friends or family, sometimes we can find ourselves fitting into somebody else’s ‘mold’ and suppressing our true personality and spirit.

Travelling alone can help the real you to shine through. With nobody from your daily life there with you, there is no need to waste valuable energy trying to keep up with their standards, or keep up with the persona you have been portraying. Instead, you have the chance to be raw, real and unequivocally you.

Being open to the real you will enhance the rest of the experiences during your travel and allow you to see things how they truly affect and inspire you.  


Time to reflect, relax and refocus

Not just any time, but island time! Time to slow down. Time to contemplate. Time that your body and mind has so desperately been searching for – without the interruption of anything or anyone else.  

Days spent reflecting on the past, but more importantly, enjoying the present with whatever feels right at the time. Evenings spent with your feet up, cocktail in hand spending time to chat with others about their own journeys. And nights stretched out across the bed all to yourself, waking when your body is ready.


Experience things through your own eyes

No matter how compatible you and your partner, friend or family member are, when travelling together you can’t help but see your experiences, in part, through their eyes. At times, their perspective of these experiences can overshadow our own.

Travelling solo can allow you to enjoy everything that you love. It allows you to bring the focus back to you, and become engaged with everything you choose to do on your retreat.


New friends

You might arrive alone, but you’ll leave with a whole group of new friends. We keep our groups small not only so that we can spend quality time with each guest passing on training tips and advice, but also so that each member of the group has the opportunity to get to know one another. Our previous guests still keep in regular contact and have created motivation and support networks within themselves.


Your retreat. Your wellbeing. Your way

The perfect time to treat your body and mind to all that it deserves. Lie by the pool with your favourite book; get that massage; try that exercise session that you’ve always wanted; indulge in great food; order that cocktail after a long day and relax; downward dog your worries away; get that sun tan; push your limits and challenge yourself; make the memories and take the photos. Do whatever you need to do to nourish your soul and find enjoyment in your daily life.

It’s your choice. We’ll provide all the options to help you find what wellbeing really means to you.


If you’re waiting for that perfect moment to book an escape, or that perfect person to escape with, the time is right now. That person is you. To give your best in this lifetime you need to ensure that you look after your own health and wellbeing before looking after the never-ending needs of others.


So do it. Take time for you. Take that flight, and let your soul take flight too.