How many calories does your favourite summertime activity burn?

For those of us lucky enough to get away on holiday over the summer break, you may find it hard to keep up with your exercise efforts if you are away from your normal routine of the gym or a certain running track. But the summer days spent at the beach soaking up the sun shouldn’t be holding you back from exercise – if anything they should be making it easier for you to stay active throughout the day.


Fun-filled daily activities that we take for granted over the summer months can also be surprising little calorie-burners. Bonus! While we don't really like to focus on calories (preferring to focus on nutrients instead), it can be helpful to convert an amount of activity into a measure that people are familiar with.


See how many of the activities below you can tick off your list, and challenge yourself to add another to your day tomorrow. Make the most of summer and get the whole family involved.


*Note: all calorie counts are an estimate and will vary person to person, and depending on the effort you put in to each exercise. They have been calculated based on a 70kg woman completing the exercise for 30 mins.



Bike riding

A classic, fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. You will burn more calories than a simple walk and it is great for toning the legs. Stepping it up a notch and heading uphill will help you get jiggle-free legs even quicker.

Calories count: 204



We love to either start or end our day with yoga during our Crave Fiji retreats. Not only is it a great stress release and way to increase your flexibility, it also helps you to burn through a bit of leftover energy.

Calorie count: 88



What better way is there to see our own beautiful country than putting on some shoes and exploring first-hand? Another great family favourite, hiking allows you to see, hear, smell, and touch things that you can’t experience from the seat of a car. It’s a great full body workout, especially if you get off-road a bit.

Calorie count: 270



Another great way to explore the roads less-travelled, aka rivers and waterways. Kayaking will help to whittle down that waist and define your core and arms with each stroke of the paddle.

Calorie count: 179



Feeling inspired with the thought of Venus Williams being in the country? There’s a reason that she is as strong and powerful as she is, and that’s because tennis is a great full body workout. Tone your arms with some powerful serves and stretching, and whip those legs into shape with some quick footwork.

There are plenty of community courts around the country, so grab a buddy and set your inner tennis-goddess free.

Calorie count: 272



Another great option for those that join us in Fiji. Golf can be a great cardio workout, and also strength training – as long as you carry you clubs!

Calorie count: 161


Beach Volleyball

Always a crowd favourite. We love our afternoon competitions with our guests and the locals that are keen to get involved. Beach volleyball is an awesome leg toner, you’ll feel it the next day! But toned legs and a summer glow – what’s not to love about that?

Calorie count: 272


Stand up paddleboarding

Another one of our favourite things to do each day in Fiji, the list seems to be endless! SUP is a great way to challenge your balance. You will also be toning your biceps and triceps with each stroke, as well as toning your core and back muscles. And it doesn’t even feel like exercise! Want an extra challenge? Try adding some pilates or yoga poses to your adventure on the paddleboard.

Calorie count: 200



Going for a leisurely swim is not only refreshing, but a great full body workout. The water provides resistance, helping to tone and tighten. Even though you will feel nice and cool after your swim make sure you stay hydrated, especially if you’ve been splashing about in the ocean.

Calorie count: 204



Surfing is a Team Crave personal favourite! All of our guests have the option of surfing and SUP lessons while on holiday with us, and everyone loves it. A great full body workout that tone and tighten your arms, core and legs. Also a great challenge for balance.

Calorie count: 102


Playing with the kids

Arguably one of the most important things that families can do over the summer break. Spending quality time together can help build relationships, and doing this while getting active can set a great example for your kids in the future. Remember, they learn from watching you and those around them, so look out for their health as well as your own. Chasing them around the backyard with a ball can be a great calorie burner for you and the kids, and even better fun!

Calorie count: 142


Dancing in the moonlight

If all else fails, a good dance will still help you to burn off some energy, or at least counteract a glass of wine that you’ve had.

Calorie count: 152.


Ultilmate Frisbee for an ultimate cardio boost

This schoolyard pastime is a great way to get a bit of cardio into your day. Running, throwing, jumping and stretching – it’s a full body workout disguised as a fun game. Grab a bunch of friends and have a laugh while burning through some energy.

Calorie count: 102


Mowing the lawns

Not the first thing you would think of when you think of fun summer activities – but the chores still need to be done and if you’re looking to maximise your exercise then this is the chore to pick! Pushing the mower around the backyard will engage your glutes as well as your hamstrings – even more so if you’ve got a few hills to mow. Uphill can also be a great way to elevate your heartrate and increase your cardiovascular workout. Note: ride on lawnmowers don’t count!

Calorie count: 196


Walkie talkies

The lighter and warmer summer evenings provide a great opportunity to get out and about for a walk after dinner. Low intensity and impact, it allows the whole family to be involved and can be a great wind down at the end of the day. Why not go for a wander and catch up about all the things you enjoyed doing throughout the day – it’s nice to end on a positive note and spend some quality time together.

Calorie count: 137



As mentioned, the calories stated above can vary between people depending on body weight, intensity, temperature and other factors. But the more you put in, the more you will get out of each exercise. Consistency is key to getting the body that you want, and looking great all year round.


Inspired by these outdoor training options? Here’s a few tips:

  • Stay hydrated. Drink 30 mins before your workout and make sure you keep up your fluids during and after
  • Make sure you wear appropriate clothing. Loose-fitting clothes can help heat loss through sweating, or any activewear that helps draw the sweat away from your body
  • Make sure you slap on the sunscreen before you head outside. Summer activities are meant to be fun, but sunburn never is.