5 healthy habits to help you achieve your goals

We are constantly wondering if we are on the right track to our health and fitness goals. It can be pretty daunting trying to understand how you can make change in your life that will stop you from all the yo-yoing and allow you to finally reach your goals and start living that healthy lifestyle you have been striving to live.


A lot of people that are trying to get healthy think that they need to make sacrifices in all aspects of their lives in order to get the body or lifestyle that they are after. But it doesn’t always have to be a great sacrifice – sometimes just modifying your approach slightly can make all the difference.


By breaking down your lifestyle it allows you to take a step back and look at your current habits and where you could improve. From here, you can then apply behaviour modification techniques to change those habits for good.


1: Living an active lifestyle

As much as we would all love it if it was that easy, just throwing the running shoes on and going for a couple of runs around the block each week isn’t going to fix all your problems. You need to focus on all the small things outside your training that keeps your body moving. This is where you will get a lot of added progress to achieving a healthy body, mind and lifestyle. The little things all add up, and we should all make the most of these.

Try and add a few of these into your lifestyle:

·      mowing the lawns and doing your house work on the days that you’re not training

·      walking to your local coffee shop rather than always jumping into the car first

·      parking an extra street away from where you need to go

·      walking the dog

·      playing with the kids (at the park, on the trampoline, running around the backyard)

·      swimming or surfing at the beach.


2: Planning your sessions in your week

It's true when they say "if you fail to plan you plan to fail". At the start of each week make a plan of what you have on, and add each training session into that plan.

Consider each training session to be an important meeting with attendees that deserve attention. You wouldn’t skip a meeting with your CEO, so why would you skip a meeting that will help create a better version of yourself? Stick to your schedule! You will be glad you did.


3: The power of attention – be mindful of your food intake

A craving will only last 3 minutes, so before you tuck into your meal ask yourself: “What benefit will I gain out of consuming what's in front of me?”

Being mindful while eating can change the overall experience dramatically.

Next time you are eating, chew slowly and ask yourself:

·      What flavours can I taste?

·      What texture can I feel

After you’ve finished your meal think about:

·      How do I feel after eating that?

·      How has it affected my mood?

·      Has it helped or hindered me from reaching my goals?


4: Enjoying what exercise you chose to do.

It really is simple – greater enjoyment is likely to lead to greater commitment. The more you love doing a particular exercise, the more time and effort you will put into it which will help you to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. Ask yourself what you enjoy about living an active lifestyle and keep progressing with it.


5: Track your progress

The best feeling is being clear that the effort you are putting in is having a positive response. Be specific in your tracking so that you can easily see where you have progressed, and what aspects need a little more focus and attention. Try to track at the same time, keep the same daily routine, same testing so that you limit variables that could fluctuate your results. This will be a great way to become aware of what measurable markers relate to how your body feels in order for you to understand if you are not training enough or training too much.


At the end of the day we are all different people, with different commitments and different goals. But these five simple tips can help each of us to focus on areas that need a little improvement, and make the changes necessary to help us to start living a healthy life. Balance, enjoyment and a positive healthy lifestyle is going to keep you on the right track to becoming that healthy version of yourself that you want to be.