Top 10 body weight exercises to get you ready for Summer

What is a body weight exercise and why are they good for us?

There are no surprises that body weight exercises are the number one worldwide fitness trend for 2015. We live in a fast-paced world where we rely on confidence and demand what we want, now.

With body weight exercises you don’t need a gym. Minimal equipment, if any, is required for a fun-filled and effective workout that has a focus on using your own body weight to increase your heart rate, and tone and sculpt your body into shape.

Here at Crave Fitness Holidays, we’ve come up with our top 10 body weight exercises to get beach-body ready. To turn our favorite exercises into a workout, run them on a circuit training system of 30 seconds intervals with 10 seconds rest between each exercise, repeating the circuit 3 times in total.   


Team Crave's Top 10 for Summer

1 Everyone’s most hated but your waistline’s most loved – The burpee

2 What every guy does right before a date – Press up

3 A woman’s most addicted exercise – Lunges 

4 The great heart rate lifter – Jump squat

5 Flat as a pancake – Plank/ Prone hold

6 Muffin tops, be gone – Side plank

7 Climbing to your goals – Mountain climbers

8 Flash back to childhood – The handstand

9 Let your hands do the walking – Hand walkouts

10 Isolation of the thigh to make their appearance long and lean - Wall sit