For wellness and active, healthy lives, to be the baseline for every community regardless of background, resources or location.


Enabling people to create their version of a healthy lifestyle that brings them happiness, through exercise, nutrition, mindset, and travel experiences. 


A healthy lifestyle means something different to each and every one of us. We have different passions, goals and commitments. But we all have one thing in common: the ability to create the version of ourselves that we want to be.  

Living a healthy lifestyle encompasses much more than just exercising every now and then. Its about the way we nourish ourselves through regular movement and good nutrition, discovering what brings us happiness, and finding balance with relaxation.

Crave Lifestyle inspires and motivates you to bring wellness into your everyday life, in a way that works for you.

We only have one body to live in, and one life to live. So we should make the most of our days and live at our best.  We want to inspire you to get the most out of life and show you just how enjoyable a healthy lifestyle can be. 

So often we are caught up in the stress of daily life, placing mental barriers on ourselves that stop us from achieving our goals. Yet we crave more. We crave change and the feeling of fulfilment. 

Just like our bodies, activity comes in all shapes and forms. Our goal is to share our knowledge and passions, to empower you to find what works for you, and for your life. To help you to build a lifestyle that you crave, so that you continue to work towards it and enjoy it each and every day.


Team Crave

Courtney and Rhys from Crave Fitness Holidays



Courtney and Rhys have come together to share their passion of living healthy lifestyles, with the goal of inspiring others to do the same. 

While Courtney has is traditionally from a corporate background, Rhys has extensive and vast experience in the health and fitness industry. It was through personal training sessions together and discussing goals and motivations, that we both saw a need for fun, active travel options. And with that, Crave Fitness Holidays was established. 

As with any business, you learn, you grow, and you improve. Through our experiences and our feedback, we realised that we want to share more than just amazing travel moments with people - we want to inspire them on a daily basis. This was the beginning of our evolution into Crave Lifestyle. Still the amazing travel moments, but now with more locations, more New Zealand based options, and a holistic wellness focus. Crave Lifestyle includes retreats, seminars, personal training, corporate wellness, incentive packages and more. 

We believe that education is the strongest foundation to leading a balanced lifestyle and reaching your health and wellbeing goals. That's why were here to help our guests and clients to reach their goals and transform their lives through specific training techniques, mentoring, education and motivation.

Courtney is also our hands-on Pilates instructor and loves working with clients to help them improve their strength, stability and flexibility and achieve their overall goals. 

Rhys' interests are in functional training, sports specific conditioning, motivation and education. He is one of New Zealand's leading personal trainers and his clientele ranges from National and provincial athletes through to business leaders and your everyday person. Over the years, Rhys has also taught and guided Personal Trainers to set up their own businesses and become successful in the industry.

Courtney is available for Pilates training in Auckland, New Zealand.

Rhys is available for a range of personal training services in Auckland, New Zealand, and for speaking/corporate events nationwide.